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Principal Profile
Star Trek premiers
The Pill declared safe by FDA
Price of 1st class stamp: 5˘

David Celento born

David has been practicing architecture since 1989 and has taught as an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University, his alma mater, since 1989. He is currently a Board Member of Pressley Ridge Schools and the BMW MOA Foundation. He has been making (and sometimes breaking) objects for over 20 years. An Eagle Scout, David now spends most of his free time puttering in the prototype shop and keeping up to date on his knots...

First Earth Day
IBM invents floppy disk
Price of 1st class stamp: 6˘

Rebecca Henn born

Rebecca has been practicing architecture since 1993 and has worked for internationally acclaimed firms in Pittsburgh and New York City. She is a Board Member of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the AIA (American Institute of Architects), is LEED accredited (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and is a certified Master Gardener. She was a high school Valedictorian, a 6th year scholar at CMU, and a co-founder of the Pittsburgh Young Architects’ Forum. She can often be found reading gardening magazines, and thinking hard about weeding...

Snowboarding debuts at Winter Olympics
Euro is launched by eleven European nations
Price of 1st class stamp: 32˘

Rebecca and David unite

David lures Rebecca back to Pittsburgh with a proposal to share their lives, two cats, an old car, and a business. They live out of their office, work late, cook up a storm, win a few awards, and marry in 1999. They celebrate and finally move out of the office, inherit a mystery garden, tiny kitchen, and working fireplace! Celento Henn is formed in 2001, their old car dies, they win a few more awards, and they liberate their yard of the yew bushes. They currently live, work, and play together near Frick Park – thankfully, not all in the same place!