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Little Earth Exhibition Booths
Mies van der Rohe said, "God is in the details." Celento Henn houses a prototyping shop which is capable of exploring solutions in three dimensions and of producing select objects. Many clients have sought unique objects for their home or business that provide interest and functionality.


Littlearth contacted Celento Henn to design a few highly charged exhibition booths for their trade shows. Littlearth manufactures recycled fashion accessories and place a strong emphasis on ecological materials and progressive ideas.

Easy to set up, their first booth used recycled materials to feature Littlearth’s products. Red and yellow curved shelves ladened with black recycled rubber products stand out in bold contrast to the weathered aluminum walls. Swoopy corrugated plastic signage stick out jauntily overhead and while music throbs in the background.

Their first trade show resulted in meteoric sales and launched the brand internationally. Littlearth commissioned these models which represent design ideas for future booths directed at three different markets.