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The Andy Warhol Museum : Possession Obsession Exhibit
"CelentoHenn proved to be perfect collaborators on the design and installation of the exhibition. It was a pleasure to work with Celento Henn, they have my unreserved recommendation."
- John Smith, Curator, 412-237-8360


The museum was mounting the first public exhibition of Andy Warhol’s eclectic private art collection, with budget being a significant concern.

The dichotomy between Andy's public and private life inspired the duality of this exhibition. The luxuriousness of the jewelry wall, the repetitious cookie jar wall, bold colors, and the genteel nature of the stencils and graphics capture and contrast the frantic image of Warhol with the traditional aspects of his private world. Our design of all graphics and displays for this unusual exhibition helped establish a cohesive whole for the diverse collection.

The exhibition received very favorable reviews and was built for less than the allocated budget.